Monday, January 16, 2017

Police Charge Black Teen Girl Who Set Up Fake White Supremacist Account

A 14-year-old African American girl who set up a fake white supremacist Twitter account and sent out a tweet threatening violence at her Maryland high school has been charged with a juvenile citation.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department started their investigation after Arundel High School in Maryland reported a Twitter account called “Kool Kids Klan KKK” that sent out a tweet saying: “We’re planning to attack tomorrow.”

The Twitter account used similar language as a racist petition by the “Kool Kids Klan” that had circulated around the same school. The Washington Post reported the incident, claiming the petition described African Americans as a “scourge,” who “invented” rape and stealing, and said the petition spoke of “the supreme white race.”

Police cooperated with Twitter and identified the person behind the “Kool Kids Klan” social media account: a 14-year-old African-American female who attends the very same school she targeted.

According to CBS Baltimore, the girl admitted to creating the account and sending out the threatening message on social media after the police interviewed her. She was charged with...

BOOM! Tucker Carlson Smashes Megyn Kelly’s Ratings by 27% in First Week

Tucker Carlson got off to an amazing start his first week following The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel. In his first week Carlson was up 27% over Megyn Kelly’s numbers from the same week last year.

It looks like that was a good move for FOX – and they saved themselves a heap of money too. reported:
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson got off to a roaring start in his primetime debut Monday night by easily outdistancing both MSNBC and CNN, proving at least for now that the decision to slide him into Megyn Kelly’s old timeslot was...


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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Girls With Guns

Worst President? Adios Obama.

Destroy Our Country?

Exploring the True Origins of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most famous fairy tales in the world, first related in 1812 when the Grimm brothers published their collection of tales that had been gathered from old European folk stories. Like many of the Grimm tales, it is believed that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been in existence since the Middle Ages, passed down through word-of-mouth over the centuries.  In 1937, Walt Disney’s animated feature film of Snow White popularized the story worldwide, and since then, it has generally been regarded as purely a tale of fiction. However, recent research suggests the famous fairy tale may not be so fictional after all.

Plot Summary

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tells the tale of a beautiful princess born with skin so fair and pure that her mother named her Snow White. After the Queen’s death, her father married a woman who was vain and wicked, and who would stand in front of a magic mirror asking who was the fairest woman in the land. The mirror always replied “My Queen, you are the fairest one of all”, until one day an answer came that threw her into a rage – Snow White was now the fairest woman in all the land.
Snow White’s evil step-mother talking to her magic mirror
Snow White’s evil step-mother talking to her magic mirror (Wikipedia).
Snow White’s step-mother, furious at what the mirror had told her, ordered a huntsman to take her into the forest and kill her. But the huntsman felt sympathy for Snow White and let her free. Snow White came upon a small cottage and, feeling exhausted, collapsed into one of the beds and fell into a deep sleep. When she awoke, seven dwarfs were looking down upon her. They told Snow White she could stay with them as long as she cleaned and cooked.
Snow White and the dwarfs lived in contentment until one day when the magic mirror told the Queen that Snow White was alive and was still the fairest of them all. The Queen disguised herself as an old woman and presented Snow White with a poisoned apple. After taking a bite of the apple, Snow White fell unconscious. The dwarfs, assuming she was dead, built a glass coffin and placed her inside.
One day, a handsome Prince passed by and saw Snow White in the coffin. He fell instantly in love with her and convinced the dwarfs to let him take the coffin so he could give her a proper funeral. As he and some other men were carrying the coffin, they tripped over some tree roots causing the poisoned apple to dislodge from Snow White’s throat. She awakened and the Prince declared his love for her.  They were married, and as all fairy tales go, they lived happily ever after.
The Prince awakens Snow White
The Prince awakens Snow White (Wikipedia)

Snow White is Margarete von Waldeck?

In 1994, a German historian named Eckhard Sander published Schneewittchen: Marchen oder Wahrheit? (Snow White: Is It a Fairy Tale?), claiming he had uncovered an account that may have inspired the story that first appeared in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
According to Sander, the character of Snow White was based on the life of Margarete von Waldeck, a German countess born to Philip IV in 1533. At the age of 16, Margarete was forced by her stepmother, Katharina of Hatzfeld to move away to Wildungen in Brussels. There, Margarete fell in love with a prince who would later become Phillip II of Spain.
Margarete’s father and stepmother disapproved of the relationship as it was ‘politically inconvenient’.  Margarete mysteriously died at the age of 21, apparently having been poisoned. Historical accounts point to the King of Spain, who opposing the romance, may have dispatched Spanish agents to murder Margarete.
So what about the seven dwarfs? Margarete's father owned several copper mines that employed children as quasi-slaves. The poor conditions caused many to die at a young age, but those that survived had severely stunted growth and deformed limbs from malnutrition and the hard physical labour. As a result, they were often referred to as the ‘poor dwarfs’. 
As for the poison apple, Sanders believes this stems from an historical event in German history in which an old man was arrested for giving poison apples to children who he believed were...

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